Dashboards for marketing and sales
Find insights,
control the situation,
and make data-driven decisions
Dashboards for
marketing and sales
Find insights,
control the situation,
and make data-driven decisions
Why do you need dashboards for sales and marketing?
They will allow you to track important metrics, find ideas for increasing sales, and monitor the effectiveness of employees and advertising channels.

No stereotype dashboards - the solution is fully developed for your company, industry, and specifics of the tasks.
Tasks you can perform
Understand customers
Anticipate their wants and needs
Turn your data into actionable insights
Find ideas to improve service and increase sales
Make faster decisions
Reduce search time ideas
Increase customers loyalty
Work with different segments individually
Increase average order value
Find out what to offer your customers additionally
Prevent churn
Detect customers who may leave and take the necessary steps
Dashboards cases
of marketing and sales based on our dashboards
All in one place
We will bring together data from CRM, ERP systems, advertising platforms, etc. Let your employees do more important things
Get only actual and correct data. On time and without human factor
Take a break from Excel spreadsheets. We will design a user-friendly interface for easy studying of you data
The most important
Monitor only key marketing and sales metrics. Assess the situation systematically
Control your sales and customers from any device, anywhere in the world. For smartphones we will make an adaptive version of dashboards
All dashboards based on our multi-industry experience and knowledge in marketing and sales analytics.
Who may find Datmark.BI dashboards useful?
Who understand the value of marketing analytics and are aware of what exactly needs to be analyzed
Who are ready to invest in analytics and development in terms of the long-term outlook
Who appreciate visual presentation, usability and transparency
Who want not only to track data, but also make data-driven decisions
How will we work
Define tasks
and prepare a draft proposal of the project
Connect data sources
and develop data model
Create dashboards
make prototypes, do design and interactivity work
Present and teach
all employees and managers who will work with dashboards
Let's discuss the project
What is the cost of dashboard development?
The cost is calculated individually for each project and depends on the number of data sources and the project tasks. In general the cost is from $ 1000.
Will the data be updated automatically?
We will set up automatic data updates. It can be once a day, or it can be hourly.
Will it be possible to modify the dashboards after the project is completed?
Yes of course. This is a normal practice. After the project is completed, we can make alterations: connect additional sources, build new diagrams or calculate new metrics. You can consult your manager and we will complete the tasks.
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